The 9 Trendiest Fall 2023 Nail Polish Colors For The New Season

With the fiery heat of summer now in full swing, day-dreamers and the fashion-forward alike are most often looking ahead, no doubt longing for cozy fall perfumes, yummy pumpkin spiced lattes, binge-worthy horror series, and more.

When it comes to the beautiful, ever-evolving world and nails in particular — summer’s end means that it’s finally time to trade in those vivid neon lacquers and Baywatch-inspired reds so associated with warm weather and sun-kissed skin for a stunning mani-pedi moment that is a bit more deep, dark, and autumnal by nature. (Hello, 50 shades of haute chocolate brown nail polish.)

Similar to the chic fall pedicure trends for 2023, a few tried and true staples are sure to pop up — namely rich, jewel-toned hues like sultry scarlet and luxurious emerald, of course. Though this fall in particular, top nail pros in the industry are predicting quite a few unexpected trends that may be a bit more surprising…

For the loyal salon goers and artsy at-home nail painters alike — here are nine expert-approved nail lacquer colors, textures, and eye-catching details that are sure to be major fall nail polish colors trends for 2023, as shared by Kim Truong, Zola Ganzorigt, Julie Kandalec, and Kathleen Fuentes.

Glistening Glitter Tips

According to Kim Truong, the celebrity manicurist behind some of Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s most-loved looks, a glitter tip is the perfect transition from fall to the major glitter and sparkle of the holiday season. In other words? You may want to pick up some glittery nail polish colors and press-ons ASAP.

Your Nails But Better

Available to shop solo or through a cash-saving bundle, these sheer neutral polishes will create that naked, “your nails but better” vibe on your unique skin tone. Kathleen Fuentes, the founder of Lights Lacquer, says the polishes are a rich, sheer jelly formula, and meant to create a quintessential “quiet luxury” mani.

Go For Emerald Green

Julie Kandalec, a celeb-loved manicurist who has worked with stars such as Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain, recommends painting your tips with “a chic wave of color” by way of rich, emerald-inspired shades of deep green this fall.

Make It Magnetic

When it comes to trendy manicures, Ganzorigt says that she is always playing with magnetic nail polish colors. As for the fall months ahead? She notes that texture by way of brown, green, rusted orange, and red magnetic hues will take over.

50 Shades Of Chocolate

It goes without saying that warm, cozy shades of brown are common polish hues for autumn — and Kandalec and Ganzorigt agree fall 2023 will be no different.

To elevate the timeless look, Truong says to mix and match different shades of brown on each nail for an effortless, monochromatic mani.

Cool-Toned Metallic Hues

“Using a metallic chrome effect on top of deep colors, like dark blues and purples, is one of my favorite looks,” says Truong. As for her recommendation for fall? She says the gitti no. 304 shade is the perfect metallic blue.

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