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Easy to step on and off the mountains. Healthy Stepper Nice Day!

Product Features:
■ Slowly step into the Hano-shaped shape allows you to train your entire legs from thigh to calf!

■ The pressure is applied with a hydraulic cylinder, so the movement is smooth and absorbs the impact of the landing, reducing the burden on the legs and knees.
It is gentle on the knees because it reduces impact on landings like walking or jogging.
Safe for those who are not confident in their exercise.

– Compact and easy to use.
You can exercise at home without affecting the weather.
You can exercise in 10 minutes a day with free time.
You can exercise if there is room for more than 19.7 inches (50 cm) around the circumference (1 cushion cover). (Minimum Space)

– Exercise counter included for easy identification of time and step counts.
It can be used to identify exercise guides, and is convenient for achieving your goals.

■ Height adjustable function.
The height adjustment knob allows you to adjust the height of the pedal, so you can adjust the amount of exercise.
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Product Size: Width 16.9 x Depth 17.9 x Height 7.9 inches (43.0 x 45.5 x 20.0 cm); Weight: 15
Material: Steel, Others
Accessories: Main unit, instruction manual (English language not guaranteed)
Other: With adjustable step width (exercise amount) function
Load method: hydraulic type
Unlike stepper that step straight and vertically, slowly step into the shape of a ha, allowing you to move the center of gravity left and right to stimulate your quadrius and quadmyofascial bruisa!

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Shop Japan Health Stepper, Niceday x Day
Shop Japan Health Stepper, Niceday x Day


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