Grown-Ass Women Swear By These Clever Things That Make Life Better

This red wine stain remover ensures spills won’t ruin your evening (or carpets). It’s made from a gentle formula that doesn’t contain sulfates, peroxide, perfumes, or other harsh ingredients, but still works well on even tough, set-in stains. Simply spray it on, blot up the excess, and rinse it away to clean upholstery, clothing, and more in a flash.

One reviewer wrote: “Finally had the opportunity to use this after I spilled a huge glass of red wine all over my off-white couch. I sprayed it on the removable covers for the cushions and put them in the washing machine right away and every trace of wine was removed. However, even more impressive is that the wine that soaked through to the cushions, which I couldn’t wash, was completely removed by using this miracle spray.” — MW

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