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Risks of Communicating with an Investigator Appointed by a CTP Insurer

In NSW there is no existing legislation which states that an injured person must agree to be interviewed by an investigator appointed by the insurer.

Of course, an injured person has a general duty to act in good faith, this also means you do not  have to do everything that the insurance company says. Do act honestly and give the insurance company only relevant information relating to your claim within the legislative time limits, is all that is expected of you.

Be aware investigators usually have many years of experience under their belt and a great deal of knowledge of the legal intricacies associated with CTP claims. Often when this knowledge and experience is used in the investigation process, injured people can unknowingly provide details that may be used against them and negatively affecting their claim outcome.

The interview process is commonly described as very stressful, this combined with injury and post accident trauma can lead to significant confusion and uncertainty.

Please know this, you do not need to speak with an insurer’s investigator and there is every chance that if you do, your claim could be denied.

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