Dog Trainers Swear By These Weird-But-Genius Hacks For Getting Your Dog To Behave Better

What pup doesn’t appreciate a good challenge for a tasty reward? Shonyae Johnson, the behavior manager for Operation Kindness, a proponent for finding animals the safe homes they deserve, has a few sage tips for improving your doggo’s behavior. She tells Bustle, “The elevator game teaches dogs to be patient when waiting for food or a treat.”

Simply place a treat like the Milk-Bone Minis in your hand and hold it up high (this being the top elevator floor), then slowly bring it down toward’s your pet’s mouth once all four of their paws are flat on the ground. If at any point your pup’s paws lift off the floor, raise the treat back up to where you began and continue until your pup can control its impulses. “This method rewards them for being patient and improves basic skills like lying down, sitting, and staying,” Johnson adds.

These chicken-, bacon-, and beef-flavored treats are more than ideal and happen to be just the right size for repetitive treating. With their satisfying crunch and vitamin-rich formula, using these minis for the elevator game is 100% dog owner-approved.

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