9 Move With Nicole Pilates Workouts You Can Stream On YouTube

The next time you crave a light glisten of sweat on your brow and a good core burn, look no further than a Pilates workout. It’s the perfect middle ground between a strength training routine and a slow, gentle yoga class — which is likely one reason why the fitness modality has had such a resurgence.

Pilates combines small, muscle-isolating moves with bendy stretches that help you feel strong, supported, and more flexible by the time you leave your mat. While there are tons of workouts you can stream online, the Move With Nicole Pilates workouts on YouTube is a particularly great choice. Basically, the YouTube channel is a one-stop shop for those who are trying Pilates for the first time or simply expanding their workout horizons and want to challenge themselves to a Pilates HIIT sesh.

The channel is run by Nicole McPherson, a certified Pilates and yoga instructor from Queensland, Australia who has a background in dance and gymnastics. She says that she’s always had a passion for movement, and you can totally tell by the way she creates workout routines that feel both fun and welcoming. Move With Nicole currently has over 1.4 million subscribers, so you’re in good company with all the other exercisers who want to try Pilates at home. She also offers all the same classes in Spanish on her second channel.

Keep scrolling to see some Move With Nicole Pilates classes of various lengths and levels, including everything from a 10-minute HIIT-style routine to 40-minute full-body workouts.


10-Minute Pilates HIIT

To get your workout done in a flash, try this 10-minute HIIT-style Pilates routine. It includes 10 different exercises that last 45 seconds each with a 15-second break in between. McPherson starts off with a series of stretches to warm up your body and spine before jumping into squats, glute kicks, and the classic Pilates one hundreds.


15-Minute Beginner Friendly

If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly workout, give this a click. The routine may be slow and simple, but it features challenging moves that work your glutes, core, and arms. You’ll do small isolation moves to target your glutes, a few twisty side planks for your core, and a round of one hundreds before doing a nice cooldown.


25-Minute Morning Pilates

Roll out your mat and try this slow routine that’s perfect for the early morning hours when you aren’t quite awake yet. It starts off with a bridge pose to warm up your spine before easing into gentle ab work, leg stretches, and leg circles. You’ll end with cat-cows and a peaceful seated pose where McPherson encourages you to think of three things you’re grateful for.


20-Minute Pilates HIIT

This routine has just 10 exercises — like tricep presses, lunges, and mountain climbers — that you’ll repeat twice for a 20-minute workout. It’s another HIIT-style routine, so you do each move for 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off so your heart rate goes up while you work your muscles. For a challenge, McPherson suggests adding a mini resistance band around your thighs or arms to really feel the burn.


30-Minute Full Body For Beginners

For a slightly longer workout, go for this 30-minute beginner-friendly Pilates sesh. You don’t need any equipment — just yourself and a mat. One thing about McPherson? She’s great at guiding you through each move while also reminding you two breathe as you go. Expect to move through exercises like bird dogs and lifted clamshells.


30-Minute Intermediate/Advanced Workout

Intermediate and advanced Pilates lovers can try this 30-minute routine. It features a slow-burning ab series with lots of movement, side plank crunches that require a ton of stability, and tiny leg pulses that’ll set your glutes on fire — in a good way.


35-Minute Gentle Pilates

If you’re low on energy but still want to move your body, go for this 35-minute routine featuring extra-gentle moves. You’ll start by lying back in a comfy pose as McPherson encourages you to take deep breaths. Add in some stretches, a slow round of oblique crunches, and side-lying leg lifts for a workout you can do without ever standing up.


40-Minute Pilates Workout

This class begins with yoga-style stretches before a round of squats, heel lifts, and other small movements designed to isolate muscles you didn’t even know you had. Remember, Pilates isn’t about big movements but tiny, controlled ones that you repeat till it burns. Focus on doing each exercise slowly and with control, and you’ll make the most of your time on the mat.


50-Minute Full-Body Workout

McPherson’s 50-minute full-body workout will have you move through sweeping crunches that target your ab muscles, some clamshells for hip strength and mobility, and swimmers for back strength. Stick around for the cool down at the end and you’ll be ready to take on the day.

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