15 Hilarious Ways to Be a Funny Person

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Want to learn how to be funny?

Today, we’ll teach you how. But first, let’s discuss the funny business of humor.

Humor, or the ability to make others laugh, is considered both an art and a skill. These days, the ability to tickle someone’s funny bone with an intelligent, tasteful joke can be an indicator of success at work.

The other benefits of being funny include:

To reap these benefits, you need to have what psychologists call the “positive humor style”. It means using humor for reducing conflict and enhancing relationships.

Although it’s not rocket science, becoming more humorous does take some work on your part and the ability to know where to start.

So whether you’ve already got your debut at the local comedy bar coming up or a huge corporate presentation to do and don’t want to bore the audience, these 15 hilarious ways to be funny will help you keep your audience looking at the lighter side of things.

How to Be Funny: 15 Ways to Improve Your Sense of Humor

1. Expose yourself.

What this means is, be willing to take the risk that the audience will not get your joke. Always remember that not each and every attempt you make at being funny will be met with success. Determination is the key.

Such is the life of a funny person. Professional comedians’ jokes also flop every once in a while. However, they learn to move on to the next punch line.

2. Use your personal story as material.

That tragedy when you got locked out of your hotel room with just a towel around your waist will remain so, not unless you see the funny side of it. Allowing yourself and others to laugh at your expense (with an anecdote or two) is a good way to inject humor into your personality.

Also, it’s been proven that people tend to laugh more at real-life funny stories.

3. Watch comedy shows on TV or online.

We know that if we wish to improve on something, observing the pros can help our own skills. This is also true for learning how to be funny.

Get your tub of popcorn and put on shows that make you laugh. Questions to ask yourself while you’re “studying” these shows: Why do I like this part? At this scene, what did the actor say or do to make me laugh?

4. Go watch a live comedy show.

There’s nothing like observing the pros at their natural habitat. Unlike in TV shows or films, the jokes at a comedy bar are told live. Nothing gets edited out.

Furthermore, you get to observe how the audience reacts to a particular type of joke. If you want, take notes on how the comedians differ from each other. The info you gather will be useful for improving your own funniness.

5. Learn about context.

Context is essential in humor. A study has shown that there is actually a “rise and fall” to funny incidents.

The study revealed that there is holding period for something negative that happens to be funny. Moreover, the researchers also mentioned that by the lapse of this time, the incident stops being funny again.

Keep this in mind when planning to use a current event as a topic in your jokes.

6. Immerse yourself in humor through film.

Soaking yourself up in humorous films is a wonderful way to develop your funny side. A good starting point is watching movies that you find funny.

Think about what you enjoy about the movies. Then, you might try watching others movies with the same theme. Make sure you watch things that have actual depth, in order to reap the benefits of this exercises.

7. Have a single joke that you can tell well.

You need to have at least one go-to joke that’s appropriate for all audiences. Learn how to tell it the best way that could generate laughter.

8. Observe what people find funny.

To improve your wit, you have to pay attention what other people find hilarious. There are people who assume they know what will make people laugh but end up offending them. Avoid being this kind of person.

Watching a live comedy show are unlike in TV shows or films, the jokes here are told live and nothing gets edited out. You can also take down notes on how the comedians differ from each other. The info you gather will be useful for improving your own funniness.

9. Be your most authentic self.

Becoming a funny person does not mean your jokes should be made at another person’s expense. It’s also does not require you to act in a silly or exaggerated way.

Simply put, just seeing the funny side of a situation and pointing it out intelligently could suffice for you to be considered as a funny and pleasant person.

10. Learn to look without judgment.

Most people will look at a situation and form their judgment about what’s going on. However, this often leads to a negative outlook.

Being judgmental actually prevents you from being funny. Your opinions will always be in the way of seeing the bigger and funnier side of a given situation. Don’t go that path. Learn how to stop being negative in this post.

11. Improve your language.

A quick quip from a funny person often makes other people laugh. He or she usually has a way with words that others usually don’t have.

So, work on your language. Develop your vocabulary and improve your grammar.

If you need some help, start by thinking what to say about these funny controversial topics.

12. Believe that you can be funny.

Learning to be funny can put a lot of pressure on you. After all, it’s something that you have to do in front of people.

Having a growth mindset can help improve your skill. Do it as often and learn all that you can to help you succeed in making people laugh.

13. Find what’s funny in every situation.

It is normal to express your frustration at unfortunate events like unknowingly putting in a red sock with your whites in the washing machine or stepping on dog poop with your new shoe. However, it doesn’t avail much than put you in bad mood the entire day.

believe in yourself | how to be funny in front of people | how to have a good sense of humor
Believe in yourself that you can be funny. Learning to be funny can put a lot of pressure on you. After all, it’s something that you have to do in front of people.

Try imagining the same thing happening to another person. Laugh at that person. Then you’ll also be able to laugh at yourself.

Finding the absurd in a tragic, frustrating, or tense situation helps develop your sense of humor. However, remember to keep your jokes in good taste.

14. Find a humor buddy.

A humor buddy serves as your accountability partner. He or she can help you hone your newly developed skills.

You practice your jokes with this person on a regular basis and he or she is your benchmark if what you’re saying is funny.

Thus, it helps you stay committed to your goal by keeping you accountable.

To learn more about the benefits of having an accountability partner and the five-step process for having long-term success with this type of arrangement, watch the video below.

15. Laugh.

Having a good sense of humor does not just mean making other people laugh. It also means laughing a lot.

Make it a habit to laugh a minimum of ten times every day.

Final Thoughts on How to Be Funny

Remember, being funny is not about putting pressure on yourself to become a stand-up comedian or delivering the perfect joke every time.

It’s about embracing your unique sense of humor and using it to connect with others, brighten someone’s day, and spread joy.

Keep in mind that humor can be a double-edged sword, so always be mindful of your audience and ensure your jokes are inclusive and considerate. Avoid sensitive or offensive topics, and instead, focus on using humor to uplift and unite.

Don’t be disheartened if a joke falls flat or a punchline doesn’t hit the mark. We all have our moments of comedic gold and moments that don’t quite land – that’s just part of the process. Embrace those experiences and use them as opportunities to grow and refine your comedic style.

A good sense of humor is a wonderful skill to have and is worth developing.

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